Special Occasion
Explorer Party Box

Here’s your chance to be an explorer!

  • Travel to new places! Meet strange tribes! Journey to a volcano or a polar ice cap!
  • Shake hands with a Scientist, rub noses with an Eskimo, or beg for mercy from a Pirate!
  • Learn some fascinating facts about the rainforest!
  • Perfect for budding Marco Polos and grown up armchair travellers!
  • All this and more in the thrilling adventures of the Explorer Jollybox!

The Explorer Jollybox includes:

  • 36 Illustrated Cards. Keep them busy with words and pictures of far flung places and exciting objects to help them create their own stories, drawings and role plays.
  • The Inspiration Booklet. Explorer-themed games and role plays set in the imaginary world of a cave, a desert island, a rain forest and the polar ice cap.
    Choose another card and play the game all over again with a different word!
  • Activity Book 40 pages of colouring and puzzles for recording the exciting adventures and strange creatures you meet. Perfect for quieter moments.

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Explorer Party Boxes Explorer Party Boxes Explorer Party Boxes Explorer Party Boxes Explorer Party Boxes

PRICE: £13.99 per box